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Health & Wellbeing


We understand that families are the foundation of communities and play a critical role in the wellbeing of all family members. Families can only thrive if they are connected to, are valued by and have a sense of belonging in their own communities.


We have therefore provided information below of how to access support that will strength your own and your families wellbeing.


We inspire our pupils to become confident individuals who take ownership of their learning and development through:


  • Attendance Rewards
  • School Council
  • JETS Safeguarding Council
  • School buddies
  • Eco Commitee


Health & Wellbeing

At our school, we aim to promote positive mental health and well-being for our pupils, parents/carers and staff.  We pursue this aim using both universal whole school approaches and specialised targeted approaches.


The school can provide the following specialised support:

  • Nurture provision including Lego therapy
  • Focused special needs provision within the ‘Rainbow Room'
  • Counselling sessions
  • Focused 1:1 or small group interventions


Parent Support Advisors

Parent Support Advisors (PSA) are available, through direct contact via our school office plus regularly being available on the playgrounds at peak drop off and collection times.  They remain on hand to discuss any adult learning opportunities, services you may require and general advice.


Their work involves providing a number of learning opportunities and events for our parents and the wider local community.  Courses and events we run are held on site and at partner locations in the Tipton area. 


Our PSA's work closely with a number of services to manage local learning opportunities, community events and maximise the facilities available to you in the area.  Most activities are offered free of charge and crèche facilities will be provided (according to the number of adults involved and the need).


At present there are a number of parent workshops, parent pop-ins and courses running in our school.  These can be found on the school diary.


Healthy Eating

Healthy food choices are important to a child's physical and mental development.  


Change4Life have some excellent information and resources on their website, which helps pupils and parents to become more knowledgeable about the benefits of eating a balanced and broad diet, whilst also highlighting the health issues caused by making poor dietary choices.

These websites also provide some excellent information on portion sizes and healthy eating choices:

Family Support

At Summerhill Primary Academy we value the contributions that parents and carers make to the school and offer many opportunities to get involved.


Most parents/carers/families need support from time to time.  We hope as a school community, we can offer support, advice and guidance to assist families if requested. 


We have a school based family support worker, who work with families on a variety of different issues ranging from behaviour management advice to safeguarding concerns. We work closely with other agencies, such as housing and have good links to local community groups.


We run a 'pop in and see us' session on Monday and Friday afternoons.  If you have any concerns or require any advice please ask the reception for an appointment.


Parents/carers can find a range of support via Sandwell Family Life,  which lists nearly 450 local support activities/services for children and families.  On their website you will be invite to search a location which will then list all the support agencies in that area.Simply enter the age of the child, young person or adult to find relevant services.


There are many agencies which offer a wide range of support for families and some useful links are listed below:


Food Pantry Murray Hall

We would like to draw your attention to the new Food Pantry Murray Hall are currently operating at the Bridge in Tipton.


Rather than operating like a traditional food bank the Food Pantry operates on a subscription model where participants contribute £4.50/week in return for around ~£20/week worth of shopping. In return they can access the pantry which operates like a shop – so people who  visit and choose their own food.

Support Sites




We have a designated Nurture facility, which has been successful running in the school for over 6 years.  Nurture is an important support mechanism for many of our children and allows for the social and emotional needs of pupils to be targeted and developed in a purposeful environment.  We use Boxall Assessments to set individualised targets and track progress against these.


At Summerhill Primary Academy it is our vision that all children are entitled to develop to their fullest potential academically, socially and emotionally.  We encourage our pupils to be healthy individuals, enabling each child to grow in confidence and be able to fully participate in the wider community with confidence.